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Haunt Weekly is a weekly podcast about the haunted attraction industry from the smallest home haunt to the largest event haunt. We talk about management, operation, tactics and more!

September 26, 2016

Haunt Weekly - Episode 43 - Actor Training

When it comes to actors, every haunt wants to know three things: Where to find them, how to train them and why they stay or leave.

Japes Palles may not be able to help much with the first item, but he has 14 years of experience with the other two. This includes finding their strengths, finding the best role for them and, most importantly, keeping them happy so they stay through the season and come back for the next.

In this interview, we sit down with Japes and we talk all about training actors, finding the right role for them and helping them grow to fulfill their potential. We go over some of his key rules for making a scare work, including what to scream at customers, and the shocking truth about most haunt actors: That they aren't actors.

Japes is also kind enough to share a story from his time as an actor that he never tells his students (because it violates his own rules). All

This week's episode includes: 
  1. Background on Japes
  2. Basics on Training Actors
  3. What to Look for in Actors
  4. How to Find the Right Role for an Actor
  5. How to Create a Culture That Keeps Actors Loyal
All in all, this is one episode of Haunt Weekly that you do not want to miss!

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