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Haunt Weekly is a weekly podcast about the haunted attraction industry from the smallest home haunt to the largest event haunt. We talk about management, operation, tactics and more!

October 16, 2017

Haunt Weekly - Episode 98 - Our Atlanta Trip

We are back! We have returned from the exotic locale of Atlanta and, along the way, managed to take in 9 different haunted attractions including seven in two nights. 

While we really didn't want to make this a "review" episode of Haunt Weekly, it's kind of hard to talk about the trip without it being at least review-like. So, we're going to break down the haunts we visited, our thoughts on them and tell some stories of the general insanity of this trip.

It was a packed one that much is for sure!

This Week's Episode Includes:

  1. Conference Reminders
  2. Nightmare at 3008
  3. Netherworld
  4. Paranoia
  5. Folklore
  6. Containment
  7. Nightmare's Gate
  8. Freaks of Fear
  9. Camp Blood
  10. 13 Stories
  11. Wrap Up

All in all, this is one episode you do NOT want to miss!


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