Episode 82

Haunt Weekly - Episode 82 - 6 Questions Your Marketing Must Answer


June 26th, 2017

53 mins 35 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We've been spending a lot of time on haunted attraction websites and haunted attraction conference websites lately. What have we learned? That there is a lot of basic information missing from them.

To that end, we've decided to do a little bit of marketing 101 and discuss the six questions that every piece of marketing you put out must answer in order to be successful.

The questions themselves aren't that difficult but they ARE crucial and failure to answer them will hurt you with wasted marketing dollars or even turned away customers.

So let's take just a moment, study what your marketing must include and how you can answer those questions well for your haunted attration.

This Week's Episode Includes:

    Conference Reminders
    The Six Questions Your Haunt Marketing Must Answer
    How to Answer Each of Those Questions
    Bonus Suggestions on How to Trigger an Immediate Sale
    Tying it All Together

If you are in any way responsible for your haunted attraction marketing, this is one episoder you do NOT want to miss!