Episode 10

Haunt Weekly - Episode 10 -HAuNTcon Recap


February 7th, 2016

1 hr 1 min 39 secs

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About this Episode

This week on Haunt weekly, we make our triumphant return from HAuNTcon and present our thorough recap including a breakdown of the classes we attended and some of the highlights of what we learned.

As a result, this episode has a little bit of everything going on. Expect to learn a bit about haunt marketing, makeup tips, fireproofing, fire code compliance, haunt design and much, much more. It's a jam-packed episode that even ran a few minutes long (sorry about that) but it's hard to condense three days of learning into just one hour.

If you're interested in the talk I gave, Copyright and Tradmark for Haunters, I have the slides, video and handout on my site here. If there's interest, we'll make our notes available as a Google Doc though neither of us have notes from talks that had robust handouts.

This week's episode includes:

    Overview of What HAuNTcon IsDiscussion of Pre-HAuNTcon Visit to the InsanitariumBlow-by-Blow of the Classes We AttendedWrap-up and Final Thoughts

All in all it was a great conference and it made for one of the more exciting podcasts we've done!