Episode 11

Haunt Weekly - Episode 11 - Touch vs. No Touch Haunts


February 14th, 2016

54 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

When opening up a haunt, one of the first questions that has to be answered is whether the haunt will be a touch or a no touch haunt.
This decision is crucial because it affects nearly every decision that will come later including the design of the haunt, the marketing of the haunt and the actors you get for it. It can even impact your insurance and even your zoning.
So with this episode Haunt Weekly, we sit down with Kyle, our resident expert on touch haunts, and discuss the differences between the two, the benefits and drawbacks of each and how to operate a touch haunt safely.
This week's episode includes:

    The Benefits and Drawbacks to Touch HauntsWhat Can Go Wrong at Touch HauntsHow to Mitigate the Risks at Touch HauntsVarious Ways to Incorporate Touch into a HauntRules Touch Haunts Should Incorporate
All in all, whether you want to open a touch haunt or not, this is an episode you do not want to miss!