Episode 129

Haunt Weekly - Episode 129 - When Tours Get Too Real


May 21st, 2018

49 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Last week, Crystal and I had some time off. So we decided to take something of a staycation and explore the French Quarter and do some spooky things. One of which was visit the Bloody Mary Museum and Tour. 

While the museum shop wass your fairly standard New Orleans French Quarter affair, it was the tour that stuck with us. Rather than being a generic tour of a "haunted" place, it was a detailed tour of the location of a 2006 murder-suicide that has both living survivors and still needles as an entire city wrangling with the aftermath of Katrina.

I quickly posted about the tour on Facebook (being vague at first) and it was picked up by a friend of mine that brought it to the attention of The Advocate, a local paper, which published an article on it and quoted me in it

All in all, this is one heavy and personal espisode and not one directly related to the industry. So, if you want to skip it, we understand.

Still, for those who are interested in haunted attraction ethics, this one is probably worth a listen.

This Week's Episode Includes:

    Conference Reminders
    The Story of the Bloody Mary Museum Tour
    How it Impacted Us
    Why We Find It Troubling

As I said, if this isn't your cup of tea, we'll be back next week with a more normal episode. If it is though, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind episode.