Episode 14

Haunt Weekly - Episode 14 - Talking About Tech


March 6th, 2016

52 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Though tech has become an important part of almost every industry, it's been playing a unique role in the haunt industry for nearly 50 years. 
What started off as parlor tricks meant to impress and woo crowds has slowly turned into an integral part of haunting. Whether tech is aiding or replacing actors, whether it's a central scare or taking a background role, tech in haunting is here to stay.

And tech's importance in haunting is only growing. As haunts scramble to both comply with a laundry list of safety requirements and to streamline their operations, more and more haunts are turning to computer brains to run much of the operation.
But to understand the future of tech in haunting, we first have to understand this past, thus prompting this whirlwind tour through the history of tech in the haunt industry and what some of the staples of the craft are today.

    The Origins of Tech in Haunting (Hint: Disney)2x4 Tech and the Early YearsThe Rise of Professional Haunts and AnimatronicsThe Computer RevolutionOther Technologies to Ponder
We have all of this plus we discuss the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show, which is March 17-20 in St. Louis. Sadly, we can't go due to a conflict but we're hoping that you guys can help keep us posted on what goes down!