Episode 183

Haunt Weekly - Episode 183 - The Best Room


June 3rd, 2019

49 mins 20 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This week on Haunt Weekly, we're wrapping up our room trilogy as we discuss the best room in your haunt. We've done the first room, we've done the last room and now we're doing the best room.

But the best room is more important than some people realize. Your customers, when they walk away from your haunt, will likely only remember one or two things. Having a room that stands out and gets attention, ensures that not only do your customers remember you positively, but that they remember you well enough to come back.

So we're diving into it, how to create your best room and make something that will truly be memorable!

This Week's Episode Includes:

  1. Intro
  2. Conference Reminders
  3. Housekeeping Items
  4. What is The Best Room
  5. Previous Episodes to Check Out
  6. Approach 1: Spectacle
  7. Approach 2: A Unique Scare
  8. Approach 3: The Plot Payoff
  9. Approach 4: Break Expectations/Rules
  10. Approach 5: Interactivity
  11. Where to Place the Room
  12. Why You Want It
  13. Conclusions

All in all, no matter what kind of haunt you run, this is an episode you do NOT want to miss!