Episode 19

Haunt Weekly - Episode 19 - Hell Houses


April 10th, 2016

55 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

Religion and haunted attractions have always been a strange mixture. Sure haunts have long had exorcism rooms and themes surrounding the devil, but typically haunts have avoided straying too far into to the religious.

But while haunting has been reluctant to approach religion, religion has been very eager to approach haunting.
Across the nation and the world hundreds of churches and church organizations set up "Hell Houses" every Halloween season. These haunts have a dual purpose of raising funds for the church and scaring patrons into becoming new believers.
However, these haunts have not been without controversy. From graphic and intense scenes that play on recent tragedies to alleged hate speech against gays and other faiths, hell houses have routinely become a firestorm of controversy.
So this episode we take a deep dive into the Hell House phenomenon, looking at what they are, what their history is and why they are so common and so controversial.
This week's episode includes:

    What is a Hell House?How a Hell House is Different from a HauntHistory of Hell HousesHell House ControversiesHell Houses vs. Haunted Attractions
Love them or hate them, there's no doubt that they are a controversial and growing part of this industry, making this an important episode you don't want to miss!