Episode 2

Haunt Weekly - Episode 2 - Basic Haunt Safety


December 13th, 2015

56 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

When it comes to running a haunted house, nothing is more important than safety. At the end of the night, you want every customer and actor to go home safely.

So, in the spirit of safety first, we're making our first real episode of Haunt Weekly a whirlwind tour of basic safety. While we're going to delve into a lot of these issues more deeply later, this episode covers the basics of:

    Designing and Building a Safe HauntFire Code BasicsKeeping Actors SafeOutdoor Haunt SafetyUsing Safe Props
To be clear, this is not a thorough conversation on any of these and there's a LOT more to be said. But if you're new to haunting, this should be the first podcast you listen to.