Episode 233

Haunt Weekly - Episode 233 - 10 COVID-Related Things Your Haunt Should Be Doing NOW


May 18th, 2020

52 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

This week's Haunt Weekly begins with something of a programming note. Originally, we had planned to have Japes Palles on to talk about actor recruitment and training while working remotely. However, some severe weather struck his area and he was not able to come on.

So, we will have that conversation next week, same time, same channel. In the meantime, we wish Japes the best of luck with the cleanout of his basement. Good luck and please be safe!

So, this week's episode was a bit hurriedly put together but we are talking about an equally important item, namely 10 COVID-19-related things that your haunt should be doing right now.

Yes, it's only May but no matter when your haunt opens, it will be while COVID-19 is still a thing. So, it's best to start preparing right now and here are just a few places you can start.

This Week's Episode Includes:

  1. Intro
  2. Quarantine Resources
  3. Question for the Audience
  4. Intro to the Topic
  5. Setting Up Virtual Queueing/Timed Ticketing
  6. Investing in Hand Sanitizer Stations/PPE For Customers
  7. Eliminating Haunt Contact Points
  8. Disinfection Plan for Remaining Contact Points
  9. Rearranging/Reconfiguring Backstage Areas
  10. Planning on Reducing Actor Count
  11. Marketing and Merchandising
  12. New Business Plan
  13. Writing New Rules for Customers & Actors
  14. Checking in with Actors
  15. Conclusions

All in all, no matter how hastily this episode came together, this is one episode you do NOT want to miss!