Episode 239

Haunt Weekly - Episode 239 - What the Haunt Industry Can Learn from Hurricane Katrina


June 29th, 2020

50 mins 34 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

No matter what happens between now and haunt season, the haunted attraction industry is facing an extremely challenging year. Even the best predictions call for smaller crowds, shortened seasons and limited capacity.

In 2005, the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area was facing a challenge of its own: Hurricane Katrina.

The disaster impacted the city in countless ways, including closing the area's haunts. However, the haunts were able to reopen and were able to enjoy at least a few more seasons of success.

In this episode, we look at the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the New Orleans haunt community and what lessons may apply to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Week's Episode Includes:

  1. Intro
  2. COVID-19 Resources
  3. Question for the Audience
  4. Info About Hurricane Katrina
  5. Differences Between the Disasters
  6. The NOLA Haunt Industry Pre-Katrina
  7. What Happened After the Storm
  8. Lessons That Were Learned
  9. Answering the Question of the Week
  10. Conclusions

All in all, this is one episode you do NOT want to miss!