Episode 242

Haunt Weekly - Episode 242 - Working with Photographers


July 20th, 2020

56 mins 12 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

The haunts that are planning on opening up for 2020 are most likely starting to really think about their promotion and part of that is getting good images of your scenes and actors. Whether you need them for your fliers, social media, commercials or all three, you need high-quality photos.

Getting them, however, can be difficult. How do you find a photographer that can take good photos of a haunted house? How do you hire them and work with them? What kind of contracts do you need? Luckily, we have a photographer in the room that can help!

So kick back and relax while we explain the ins and outs of working photographers and help you get the most for your photography money!

This Week's Episode Includes:

  1. Intro
  2. COVID-19 Resources
  3. Announcing Last Week's Winner
  4. Question of the Week
  5. Finding a Photographer
  6. Planning the Shoot
  7. Expectaitons for Payment
  8. The Photographer's Contract
  9. Model Releases
  10. Creating a Shoot List
  11. The Day of the Shoot
  12. Caution on Using Friends/Family
  13. Return to the Weekly Question
  14. Conclusions

All in all, this is one picture-perfect episode you do NOT want to miss!