Episode 26

Haunt Weekly - Episode 26 - Indoor vs. Outdoor Haunts


May 30th, 2016

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

When people start thinking about opening a haunt, there's one decision that they usually make almost subconsciously: Whether the haunt will be indoor or outdoor.

Very few haunts, it seem, seriously consider changing their path in this regard. Most people start out knowing if they want to have a haunted trail, a hay ride or an indoor haunted attraction and don't look back.
However, it's a decision that more may want to consider. 
The reason is that there are significant advantages and disadvantages to both types of haunts and, while you can make a great haunt either way, you need to take steps to accent your strengths and reinforce your weaknesses. 
And then there are hybrid haunts, haunts with either significant indoor and outdoor portions or haunts that have indoor and outdoor attractions. What can they do to maximize their benefit?
All of that and much more on this week's episode of Haunt Weekly!
This week's episode includes:

    Conference RemindersA Quick Correction/ClarificationIndoor vs. Outdoor Haunting ExamplesThe Advantages of Indoor HauntsThe Disadvantages of Indoor HauntsThe Advantages of Outdoor HauntsThe Disadvantages of Outdoor HauntsHybrid HauntsWhat's Right for You?
So, whether you like listening indoors or outdoors, this is a ppc