Episode 28

Haunt Weekly - Episode 28 - May / June News


June 13th, 2016

57 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

It's a number four episode and that means it's time to do the news!

And to think, we were worried we wouldn't have enough to do a monthly news show. This week we have a lot of news about haunts, opening/closing/moving etc. as we enter permit season, including one haunt that's making a small move into a much bigger location.
However, we also have a lot of other key industry news as one of the most famous "haunted" attractions, the Amityville Horror House, goes back on the market and a new trailer looks at The Blackout, now one of the most infamous haunts in the country.
To wrap it up, we take a look at a topic dear to our hears, kid-friendly horror, and see if there's anything the haunted attraction industry can do to ensure that the next generation loves being scared as much as we do.
All of that and much, much more in this episode of Haunt Weekly!

    Conference RemindersAmityville Horror House Back on the MarketDementedFX Move to a Bigger LocationDisturbia in the Park to Return This YearDarkwing Manor Auctions its Props After ClosingAustralian Man Denied Permits to Open Haunted AttractionNew Service Wants to Be Airbnb of Location ScoutingThe Blackout Experiments Trailer ReleasedWe Need More Kid Horror