Episode 57

Haunt Weekly - Episode 57 - International Haunting


January 2nd, 2017

52 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

This week on Haunt Weekly we are going internationa! Well, the conversation is at least.

There's a tendency in the U.S. to thnk that haunted attractions are a decidedly American anomaly. However, a quick bit of research or a few trips abroad shows otherwise. Haunting isn't just prominent elsewhere, it's a big and growing business.

So in this episode we take a look at international haunted attractions, talking about haunts we've been to in other countries as well as research about what is going on aboard.

All in all, this is an overseas episode and hopefully one that gets you're mind turning!

    Conference Reminders
    Dubai Gets Its First Haunt
    India's "Ghost Houses"
    Japan's Haunted Attraction Tradition
    UK's Rapidly Growing Haunt Scene
    Miscellaneous Other Nations
    How International Attractions Are (Typically) Different
    What We Can Learn for International Haunts

Oh, and for those of you who want to see me (Jonathan) getting stranged by Hagrid. Merry late Christmas.