Episode 62

Haunt Weekly - Episode 62 - Our Escape Room Experiences

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About this Episode

This is officially the cursed episode. We missed our recording date because we were both sick and coughing doesn't sound good on camera. Then, when we went to record on Monday an SD card error ate most of our first take. 

Then, when we went to edit and salvage the episode, tornadoes happened. Seriously. Tornadoes. New Orleans got hit by tornadoes. We are ok and none of us nor anyone we know directly was hurt, but one friend did have significant damage to their home and was forced to take shelter in the bathtub.

Now, after editing, Podbean had problems and couldn't take uploads for a time. 

So, what is this controversial subject the Gods of health, weather and technology don't want you to hear? It's about your experiences with room escapes. Yeah, doesn't seem that exciting in that context but, nonetheless, here we are.

So, on that note, here's what's in this week's episode:

    Conference Reminders (Partial as they were cut off by the card error)
    Our Experience at 13th Gate Room Escape
    Our Experience at Escape My Room NOLA
    Our Experience at Breakout Mobile
    Wrapping Up and Finding a Path forward for Haunts

All in all, this is an episode that the Gods may want you to miss but, if you're thinking about room escapes, you probably don't.