Episode 76

Haunt Weekly - Episode 76 - April/May News


May 15th, 2017

51 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

This week on Haunt Weekly we are doing the news!

As we are wont to do on episodes diisible by four, we're bringing yout the latest and greatest of haunted attraction news and, despite being literally as far away from Halloween as you can get, we have a LOT of news to go through.

So strap yourself in and prepare to get updated on all the goings on in the haunted attraction industry!

This Week's Episode Includes:

    Conference Reminders
    Halfway to Halloween Celebrations (and Openings)
    Man Convicted of Rap at Delaware Haunted Attraction
    Erebus Opens Up Escape Room Complex
    New Deal May Bring Haunted Attraction to Historic Forest Hills Stadium
    Gorillaz' Spirit House Not Really a Haunted Attraction
    Another Australian Celebrity Visits Kyle and Jackie O's Haunt
    Haunted House-Based Game Perception Gets a Release Date
    Doctor Who Episode Features a Haunted House
    Film Based on the Winchester House Gets a Release Date
    WWE Holds Match in "Haunted House", Everyone Calls it Stupid
    Disney Rumored to Open Up Haunted Mansion Themed Resaurant
    Fear Factory Launches New App to Let Customers Get in On the Scares
    Haunt Tries Crowdfunding to Open Its Doors

All in all, this is one busy episode that you do NOT want to miss!